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Product : Liquid-level-detection Fiber Unit
HSN : 9032
Part No : FU-95H
In-stock : 30
Price: INR 0.00/-
Weight : 22 g
Freight : Extra at actuals
Tax : Extra

Product : Controller
Part No : KV-8ER
In-stock : 1
Price: INR 0.00/-
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Tax : Extra

Product : Amplifier Unit
HSN : 8536
Part No : CZ-K1P
In-stock : 3
Price: INR 0.00/-
packaging : Box
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Keyence strive to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry.

We supply LR-T seriesLR-Z seriesPZ-G seriesPZ-V/M serieskeyence photo electric sensors The LR-T Series of reflective sensors represents a seamless fusion of innovative technology and robust functionality.

Superior Detection Capabilities
Easy to Use
Unmatched Versatility

LR-Z series : Detection is often difficult with reflective sensors for a variety of reasons, including target colour, material, surface finish, and environment. In order to solve these issues, the stability of a CMOS laser has been combined with the versatility of a self-contained sensor in a heavy duty metal body to create a more stable and user friendly general purpose sensor.

Best Detection Ability in its Class
Durable & Long Life
Simplified Operation
PZ-G series : High-power, dual LED-type photoelectric sensors for improved performance and ease of use.
Mega-power for long-range detection. 2x conventional models.
Easy optical axis alignment with light-receiving indicator.
Easy installation with one-touch mounting brackets.
Keyence Fibre Optic Sensors

Complete line of fibre units from Unbreakable Fibre, Long-distance and small spot. Select the type best suited to your application
Flexible Stainless Steel Jacket
Wide Area Detection
Hex-shaped Heads for Trouble-free Mounting
Heat resistant
Small Beam Spot
Thin-sleeve Thrubeams

keyence Inductive Proximity Sensors
We supply EV series,EZ series,EV-F series, ET series, ED series,EM series,TA series, ES series, EX-V series,EX-500 series.
Keyence Positioning Sensors
We supply GT2 series, AG series, GV series, IA series ,IL series , PT series ,LB series ,IG series, IB series,

electronic components
home appliances
machine tools
Automation equipment.