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We at Delon group also deal with the centrifugal separators that for liquid-based applications. These separators are used to separate substances and solids from liquids or to With the help of centrifugal force, they separate materials and solids from liquids or separate liquid mixes and solids at the same time.
Some of the industries in which this application used are:
•    Dairy and beverage technology
•    Chemical and pharmaceuticals industry
•    Oil and fat recovery
•    Processing of mineral oil
•    Industrial fluids and waste water
There are different types of separator designs and that are:
•    Self-cleaning disk separators for elucidation and separating processes
•    Self-washing disk separators in steam-sterilize able design
•    Chamber separators, including in cool able design, like for the fractionation of human blood plasma
•    Solid-wall separators for the separation of fluids
•    Nozzle separators for the absorption and washing of suspensions



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