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Delton pneumatics chennai based company suppliers, dealers, stockist of electronic regulator in chennai.We supply wide range of electric regulators such as electro pneumatic regulator , electronic vacuum regulators.

Electronic pneumatic regulator provides stepless control of air pressure to an electrical signal. They have an easy to read digital pressure display and a power consumption . These have 5.0 MPa maximum supply pressure.These regulator converts digital input signal into analog output signal. It has a maximum 10 bit parallel input signal and a 4 point preset output pressure.

Electro pneumatic regulators and electronic vacuum regulators control air/vacuum pressure steplessly in proportion to an electric signal. They are light weight in design with a bright and easy to read LED display. The monitor output is available either as analog output or switch output.

Features :

• Controls air pressure in proportion to an electric signal.
• Available in MPa, kgf/cm², bar, PSI, and kPa units.
• Pressure range of 0.005 to 0.9MPa.
• Available port sizes 1/4 and 3/8.
• Mounting bracket option.

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