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Delton pneumatics Chennai basesd company offer customers with wide range of pressure regulators such as Back Pressure regulators, Spring Loaded regulators, General Purpose Diaphragm Sensing Back Pressure Regulators ,High Pressure Piston Sensing Back Pressure Regulators, Spring Loaded, High Sensitivity Back Pressure Regulators, High Flow, High Sensitivity Diaphragm Sensing Back-Pressure Regulators, Medium to High Pressure Piston Sensing Back Pressure Regulators.

regulators feature a choice of sensing types (diaphragm or piston), and seat and seal materials to accommodate a variety of pressure, temperature, and flow conditions. regulators are available with several options including a variety of gauge connection configurations, anti-tamper handle, special cleaning to ASTM G93 Level C, and NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-compliant models.

• Spring-loaded pressure control
• Diaphragm or piston sensing types
• Knob or screw adjustment
• 316L SS materials of construction for corrosion assistance
• Maximum inlet pressure ratings: 507 to 10150 psig (35 to 700 bar)
• Choice of outlet pressure ranges: 0 to 10150 psig (0 to 700 bar)

General Purpose Diaphragm Sensing Back Pressure Regulators
high-sensitivity, general-purpose regulator designed to control back-pressure levels in analytical or process systems upstream of the regulator.The convoluted diaphragm provides excellent sensitivity and set-point repeatability. The metal-to-metal diaphragm seal minimizes the potential for leakage.

Features : 
• Convoluted, nonperforated diaphragm
• Metal-to-metal diaphragm seal
• Low internal volume
• Two-piece cap design provides linear load on the seal

High Pressure Piston Sensing Back Pressure Regulators
provides control of back pressures up to 10000 psig (689 bar) with high sensitivity across the control range.

• Thrust roller bearing eases operation
• Panel-mounting configuration available
High Sensitivity Back Pressure Regulators
Features • Diaphragm sensing • Bottom mounting and panel mounting

High Flow, High Sensitivity Diaphragm Sensing Back Pressure Regulators are designed to maintain back-pressure control in high-flow applications with a CV of 1.0. Features
• Large-diameter convoluted, nonperforated diaphragm for increased pressure sensitivity
• Metal-to-metal diaphragm seal
Medium to High Pressure Piston Sensing Back Pressure Regulators provides back-pressure control in gas or liquid applications. This compact and lightweight regulator provides and ideal pressure-control solution within high-density compact OEM equipment, as well as other applications.
• Integral high-pressure overrange protection
• Lightweight, compact design

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