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Delton pneumatics Chennai based company suppliers,dealers ,stockist for world leading brands such as Eaton , pepperl + fuchs , baluff , Schmersal .we supply wide range of proximity sensors,metallic proximity sensors,non metallic proximity sensors,captive Proximity sensors,magnetic sensors,non magnetic sensors,inductive sensors, photo electric sensors,magnetic cylinder sensors,ultrasonic sensors,mechanic sensors.

We offer wide range of sensing options for any application-from sophisticated noncontact sensing solutions to rugged mechanically actuated switches.
These product are Designed with high-volume OEMs in mind ,inductive sensor detects metallic objects without requiring physical contact with the targets to be sensed These inductive proximity sensors offer high-performance noncontact sensing in a familiar NEMA limit switch-style housing. These sensors provide an alternative to limit switches for position sensing on industrial vehicles. They are ideally suited for high-current loads. These products ideal choice for industrial environments, because they are designed for long-range operation and heavy-duty usage and to withstand harsh environments.


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