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Delton pneumatics supplies one touch fittings which are available in a wide variety of sizes, body styles and thread types. The use of a special profile seal allows these to be used for a wide range of pressures from a low vacuum up to a pressure of 1MPa, 145 PSI. These pneumatic one touch fittings releases collar releases both the chuck and collet to provide a low disconnection force for easy removal of the tubing.

These fittings are Flame resistant, Alternative to stainless steel fittings,Resistant to many chemicals and acids,suitable for clean room applications & Antistatic 
Antistatic One touch fittings has one touch loading and unloading. can be used in copper free applications and in vacuum “max. -100kPa”. Conductive resin is used for body and seals in fittings and tubing. 
These product are Designed with high-volume OEMs in mind ,inductive sensor detects metallic objects without requiring physical contact with the targets to be sensed These inductive proximity sensors offer high-performance noncontact sensing in a familiar NEMA limit switch-style housing. These sensors provide an alternative to limit switches for position sensing on industrial vehicles. They are ideally suited for high-current loads. These products ideal choice for industrial environments, because they are designed for long-range operation and heavy-duty usage and to withstand harsh environments.

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