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Delton pneumatics suppliers & stockist Variable Area Flow meters contain glass measuring tubes, which allow direct viewing of the process fluid and direct reading of the flow.Variable Area Flowmeters,Glass and metal (armored) tube models, including miniature armored model; Highly accurate measurement even at very low flow, with individually calibrated scales based on flow tests; Flexible and adaptable to specific system requirements; High quality, durability, and repeatability; 1/8 to 1 1/4 in. process end connections. We also supply thermometers & thermowells.

Measured Flow Ranges : 
• Air : 0.018 to 0.18 through 18 to 180 std ft³/h; 0.5 to 5.0 through 500 to 5000 std L/h
Water : 0.065 to 0.65 through 4.2 to 42 U.S. gal/h; 0.25 to 2.5 through 16 to 160 L/h
Maximum Inlet Pressure
Process Connections : 23 to 212°F (–5 to 100°C)–4 to 212°F (–20 to 100°C)Up to 145 psig (10bar)
Accuracy Class : 1/4 in. NPT; G 1/8 (ISO 228); G 1/4 (ISO 228)1.0, 2.5, 4.0

Calibration and Testing
variable area flowmeter is factory calibrated to the selected media, flow range, and accuracy class using clean, dry air for air flow range models and water for water range models. Meters can be calibrated to user-specific applications. Cleaning and Packaging
All Swagelok variable area flowmeters are cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and burrs and are individually boxed. Oil- and grease-free cleaning are available on request. Options
• Electrical options o Limit switches o Output signal • Junction boxes • Optional conduit and cable glands • Integral metering valve mounted on outlet • Certificates and test reports • Damping device

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