Compressors: Pet blow moulding air

Designed for the PET Industry

Meeting the unique challenges of PET bottle blowing with advanced air compressor technologies tailored to your individual production requirements.Our four-stage centrifugal and four-stage reciprocating compressors provide the critical performance you need to maximize your productivity.

PET Centrifugal
Specifically designed for demanding PBM applications, centrifugal compressors require very low maintenance having few moving parts and no components that can wear out. Their compact, innovative design delivers exceptional levels of reliability to keep your operation running smoothly at peak performance.

Features : 
• ISO Class 0 100% oil-free air under all operating conditions
• Long-life gears, bearings and components
• Only four main rotating parts in compression cycle
• Backward leaning impellers maximize efficiency and turndown
• Ultra compact footprint and simplified piping means fewer connections and a simple installation
• Increased throttle range for high efficiency at partial load
• Advanced, web-enabled Xe-Series controller monitors system in real time
• Low installation, maintenance and operating costs
• History of performance with over 20,000 Centrifugal compressors in use worldwide.

PET Reciprocating
Pet reciprocating air compressors offer durability and reliability combined with four-stage energy savings. Standard PET reciprocating compressors feature three-stage compression. maximizes efficiency with four stages of compression, which significantly increases efficiency over three-stage designs. Combined with industrial grade components and double-acting cast iron cylinders, PET 4 compressors provide supreme durability that reduces maintenance requirements and lowers lifecycle costs.

Features : 
• Three-step capacity control (0%-50%-100%) matches energy consumption with demand
• Advanced Xe-Series compressor controller proactively monitors critical parameters to ensure efficient operation
• IP-55 TEFC motor with star-delta starter for energy efficient starting
• Non-lubricated 100% oil-free water-cooled design • Four-stage balanced, opposed layout reduces unwanted vibration
• Double-acting pistons with heavy-duty Class 40 cast iron cylinder construction
• Piston rings and packing rated for 16,000 hours
• Protective features such as rod drop position wear indicators available

PET Primary Booster 
Large PET bottle production can often consume great quantities of high and low pressure air. A primary booster system provides flexibility to meet changing demands. The primary booster system provides a modular approach that features a primary compressor augmented by a booster. The primary compressor can be an oil-free rotary or centrifugal compressor matched to your needs, while a two-stage, non-lubricated reciprocating compressor serves as the booster to easily adjust system capacity when demand changes.
• System capacity can be added independently to each circuit allowing for modular expansion
• Over sizing the primary compressor is an efficient method of providing low-pressure, oil-free air for plant use
• A standard low pressure dryer provides dry air and reduces possible freeze-ups due to high pressure condensate removal

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