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Delton pneumatics supplier & Stockist for wide range on Schmersal safety switches in Chennai,we supply Schmersal switchgear such as Lift switchgear such as Elevator positioning system, Magnetic reed switch, Position switches with safety function, Positive-operation door contacts, Door locking devices, Floor and fine adjustment switches, Safe Line - Emergency call system for lifts ,Top of car inspection, Floor Displays and Voice Announcers, Inductive proximity switch, Lift Safety switch, Safety switch for hinged guards, Position switch, Pull wire emergency stop switches, Control panels switch, Emergency Stop button switch, Two-hand control panels switch, Enabling device switches, safety Foot switch, Key transfer system switch, Wireless switchgear

Schmersal Group largest Manufacturers of safety switching devices, Manufactures more than 25,000 different kinds of switchgear and control devices is undisputed leaders in safety switching devices in the world.
Schmersal products ranges from micro-switches and sensor technology based solutions to safety related electronic components and heavy-duty switching devices.

Elevator positioning system
Ultrasonic position system uses a non-contact operating principle to position lift cabins. This principle is not based on conventional switching technology or common encoder systems and the USP is cost-efficient because of its simple design. This system is very technically advanced and is able to communicate with the very latest control systems. 
for shaft heights up to 30 m & 130 m
Different interfaces for the connection to different controllers
low installation cost / little installation effort
Wear- and maintenance-free

Magnetic reed switch
Magnetic reed switches are often used to replace mechanically actuated limit switches with plungers, roller and turning levers and as important connecting element for non-contact limit switches. In the elevator industry, magnetic reed switches are used for positioning and control. They are preferably used where mechanically actuated limit switches no longer function satisfactorily due to unfavourable operating conditions such as high or low start-up speeds, high switching frequencies, strong dust or dirt influence, high humidity, chemical atmospheres or large fluctuations in operation intervals.


Position switches 
Position switches with safety function are suitable for a wide range of applications in lift industry. They are especially used, where safety and positioning accuracy are of paramount importance, e.g. at the terminus, at the safety catch device or at the speed limiter. Positive operation door contacts switches
The door contacts with positive break of the AZ series are available in ten different versions so that a suitable contact for monitoring the door position or the locking mechanism (hook bar) is available for all types of elevators. They are tested and certified in accordance with the European and American standards.

Door locking devices switches
Door locking devices with and without certified locking device The lift door locking devices of the AV series are used for monitoring and locking 1- and 2-leaf lift landing doors. These safety locking devices meet the requirements of the Lift Directive 95/16/CE and of EN 81-1.

Floor and fine adjustment switches
Floor and fine adjustment switches can be used to achieve an accurate positioning of the car in the lift shaft. Considering the use of new technologies (e.g. USP, position and magnetic switches) for lift positioning, the floor and fine adjustment switches today are almost exclusively utilised as spare part.

Safe Line Emergency call system for lifts
Inspection boxes, e-stops and junction boxes. Custom assembled to comply with your needs in the field.Supplied either Pre-wired with cable and plug assembly or terminals.

Floor Display switches 
High resolution dot matrix displays show floors, direction arrows and text messages of your choice.Gong functions and high quality audio using standard Windows *.wav files. Quick to install and easy to program. 

Voice Announcers switches
High resolution dot matrix displays show floors, direction arrows and text messages of your choice.Gong functions and high quality audio using standard Windows *.wav files. Quick to install and easy to program. 

Safety switch 
Safety switches with separate actuators are suitable for sliding, hinged and particularly removable safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. They are also suitable for fitting on profile sections and existing equipment.

Safety switch for hinged guards
These safety switches are suitable for hinged safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security.The variety of requirements to be found in practice can be met by means of the wide range of safety switches for hinged guards.

Position switch
Position switches with safety function are suitable for sliding and hinged safety guards which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. In combination with safety monitoring modules all position switches class 1 shown in this chapter achieve Control Category 3 or 4 to EN 954-1.

Emergency stop switches
Pull wire Emergency Stop switches are mounted on machines and sections of plants which cannot be protected by guards. In contrast to mushroom head Emergency Stop push buttons, on pull-wire switches the Emergency Stop command can be initiated from any point on the wire.

Control panels switch
The basis of the BDF series is a slim enclosure in shock-resistant plastic, which can be quickly and smoothly fitted on the customary aluminium profile systems used in mechanical engineering and which can accommodate four control elements. As the control elements are regarded, the user can choose from a comprehensive range of illuminated pushbuttons, selector switches, signalling devices with LED, key-operated switches and standard-compliant emergency stop command devices. 

Emergency stop push button switch
Command devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the area of industrial applications. For example, they are mounted in switch-boards, control panels, two-hand control panels, in lift manufacture and on materials-handling plants, including conveyors. Manual actuation of the devices starts operating sequences and functional processes or serves to bring these to an end.

Safety light barriers
Optoelectronic safety device are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards.SLB range safety light barriers ar utilised as entry guards to dangerous areas. these protection devices operating without physical contact achieve Control Category 2 or 4 to EN 954-1 in combination with SLB 200-C or SLB 400-C safety monitoring modules.

Hand control panels switches
Two hand control panels are non-separating protection devices. In general, they serve to ensure the location of both hands of a machine operator who gives a control signal for a movement which can be dangerous. Two-hand control panels thus ascertain that intervention by the operator in dangerous moving processes is avoided when a machine or plant has been started.

Enabling devices switches
Together with other safety measures, consent switches are used to protect persons from potentially hazardous situations where machine guards need to be inactivated completely or in part in special operating modes.

Foot switch
Safety foot switches are mounted on machines and plants as permissive switches in cases where manual operation is not possible.

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