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Delton pneumatics Chennai-Tamilnadu–India based company suppliers & stockist of pneumax pneumatic products such as Valves ,Solenoid valves, Air service units, Electronic proportional regulator ,Pressure booster,Pneumatic cylinders ,pneumatic Fittings & accessories, Pneumatic grippers,quick fittings .

Incorporated in 1976 PNEUMAX has become one of the most significant manufacturers of components for Pneumatic automation products .pneumax products are designed to meet the needs of many different industry sectors.

We supply wide range of pneumax products : 
Mechanical and manual command valves 
Pneumatic command valves
Blocking valves
Miniature valves
Solenoid valves
Direct operated solenoid valves 2/2, 3/2
Namur Solenoid valves 3/2, 5/2, 4/2
Pneumatic actuator valves
solenoid poppet valves 2/2, 3/2, 5/2
Air service units
Electronic proportional regulator
Pressure booster
Pneumatic Cylinders
Arbitrary mount cylinders
Guided compact cylinders
Guide cylinders
Slide cylinders
Special performance Microcylinders
Micro cylinders according to standard ISO 6432
Heavy duty tie rod cylinders 
profile tube Cylinders
Twin rod cylinders
Heavy duty guided shortstroke Cylinders
Rotary actuators
No rotating Cylinders
Hydraulic speed controll check cylinders
Hydro-Pneumatic cylinders
Short stroke compact cylinders
Rodless Cylinders
Cable cylinders
Cylinder fixing accessories 
Fittings and accessories
Brass push-in fittings
Technopolymer push-in fittings
Compact brass push-in fittings
Standard fittings
Compression fittings
Quick fittings
Steams, accessories and valves
Aluminium manifolds
Low noise spray nozzles
Flow regulators
Tube and roll drum
Pneumatic grippers
3 fingers parallel style Pneumatic grippers
Arbitrary mount cylinders
Rotary actuators
Magnetics sensors

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