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Delton pneumatics Chennai-Tamilnadu-India based company suppliers , stockist for wide range of igus prroucts in India. igus Manufacturers of wide range of products such as E-Chain Systems , Cable drag chains, High flexible cable Chains, polymer bearings, spherical bearings, linear bearings , guide systems ,Special electric cables such Electrical control cable: multi-conductor, Data transmission electrical cable, Coaxial electric cable, Bus electrical cable for drag chains, drag chain cable, Robotic electrical cable, Video electric cable, Ethernet cable assembly, Coaxial cable assembly, Assembled drive cable, USB cable, circular signal connector, Fiber optic cable, Flexible signal transmission electrical cable, Electrical control cable for servo motors, servo drive ,Electric power supply cable for motors,Thermoplastic pneumatic hose, Cable gland, Nickel-plated brass cable gland, Nickel-plated brass EMC cable gland. igus products serves the whole industrial segment from small work shop to large industrial establishments. igus one stop solutions for cable management solutions .

Igus Bearing range consists of 3 Types, Plain Bearings, Linear Bearings and igubal spherical bearings. 

Lubrication free 
corrosion free
low noise,
low weight, etc.

Application :
Automotive industries, 
Packaging industries
Pharma industries
Material Handling industries
Automation industries etc

Igus Energy Chain Systems Cable carriers are widely used by all industries as the 1st choice for their cable management solution. These product size range is so wide to cater all industry segments from small machine builder to huge material handling equipment. igus Chain flex cables are available in wide varieties and combinations. All Chainflex cables are uniquely developed for their flexibility and durability

Few of igus product range as follows:
Drag chains
Plastic drag chains
Conveyor chains
Antistatic drag chains
Circular drag chains
cable drag chains
Cable Reeling Drum
plastic cable drag chain
cable reeling drums
igus energy chains
igus chain cable carrier
polymer cable drag chain
energy chain cable carrier
igus cable management
plastic cable carrier
chain cable movement
plastic cable carrier system
cable chain system
chains under fire truck
drag chains for grain drill
drag chains for planter
esd drag chains
Spool-type drag chain
Circular drag chain
Drag chain for triple-axis movement
Drag chain for circular movement
Modular drag chain
Fully enclosed snap-open plastic drag chain
Drag chain for chip conveyor
Medium size drag chain
Low-noise drag chain
Minimum vibration and low-noise drag chain
Anti static drag chain
Control Cabls
Data transmission cables
Coaxial cables
Drag Chain Cables
Robotic cables
Video electric cables
Ethernet cables
drive cables
USB cables
circular signal connector
Fiber optic cables
Flexible signal transmission cables
Thermoplastic pneumatic hose
Cable gland
Nickel plated brass cable gland

Apart from igus products we are suppliers, dealers, stockist , distributors for world other leading brands of pneumatics ,hydraulics, automation products . Check our brands page for further details.

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