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Delton pneumatics supplier & Stockist for wide range of hydraulics hose & hose fittings in Chennai, We supply EATON Products such as Hydraulic Conveyance, Fuel Conveyance, Hose Assemblies, Quick Disconnect Couplings , Tube Joining Systems, Tube Joining Systems, Seals, Tubing connectors , Ducting, Connectors , thread less connectors, Brass Adapters, Couplings, Fast Lube Oil Change System, Metric Tube Fittings, Steel Adapters, Swivel Joints, Hose & Hose Fittings ,Biodiesel Hose, Industrial Hose, high-pressure hoses, A/C hoses, Refrigeration hoses, Beverage Dispensing hoses, low- and medium-pressure hoses ,PTFE hoses, vehicles hoses, Marine hoses, Thermoplastic Hose ,Truck Air Brake Tubing, Tube Assemblies, Valves ,Industrial Valves ,Mobile Valves, Screw-In Cartridge Valves, Hydraulic & Lubrication Systems, Hydraulic & Lubrication Filters, Hydraulic Filter Accessories, hydraulic power generation components such as Accumulators ,Filter Modules, Flow Control Modules and Valves ,Hydraulic Conveyance, Hydraulic Pumps, hydraulic Power Packs.

Eaton 102 years old power Management Company with sales of $22.0 billion in the year 2013. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably.
Few of Eaton products Delton Pneumatics supplies :
Hose & Hose Fittings

Biodiesel Hose
Bio diesel hose products are tested and engineered to excel in tank-to-tank transfer and high-temperature engine applications.

Industrial Hose
Manufactured from a variety of compounds and reinforcement methods, Eaton industrial hoses are customizable by colour and branding for simple identification.

High Pressure Hoses
High pressure hoses are the perfect solutions for maximum durability and long-lasting performance under even the toughest conditions. 

Air conditioning hoses 
With the lowest permeation rates available, a/c hoses meet both industry requirements and the demand for more efficient, reliable systems. 

Refrigeration hoses
With the lowest permeation rates available, a/c hoses meet both industry requirements and the demand for more efficient, reliable systems.

Hose Accessories
Hose accessory products cover a range of clamps, protective sleeves, hose cleaning services and metal products. 

Beverage Dispensing hoses
Eaton hose and tubing products lead the beverage dispensing industry in both performance and safety.

Condition Monitoring Hydraulic Hose
Eaton LifeSense monitors the health of hydraulic hose assemblies and alerts operators of issues, increasing hose life by more than 50%.

PTFE hoses
Eaton Everflex hoses made with durable Teflon Resin feature extreme temperature and abrasion resistance for long-lasting performance. 

Truck hoses
Eaton Aeroquip hose and Weatherhead hoses and connector systems are engineered for specialty vehicles and trucks that require durability and flexibility. 

Specialty Construction hoses 
Specialty constructions hose includes abrasion resistant, hose products for specialty construction applications with a wide range of temperature constraints. 

Water hoses 
Non-collapsible Eaton Synflex subsea hoses are innovative hoses built to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of subsea applications. 
Thermoplastic Hose
Hydraulic, truck, subsea and specialty equipment applications excel with the versatility and durability of thermoplastic hoses. 

Truck Air Brake Tubing
Truck air brake tubing features durable tubing products that resist oil, grease, gas, fuel, salts, moisture and chemicals.

Tube Assemblies
Customizable by color and branding, Thermoplastic tubing products excel in drain, air, water, chemical, powder, fuel and oil transfer lines.

Eaton Connectors 
Make the right connection each and every time with these connectors. From metric tube fittings, quick disconnect couplings and brass and steel adapters to more innovative products like STC(TM), Eaton delivers an incredible range of connectors to fit almost any industrial application.

Brass Adapters
Precision-machined, SAE approved brass adapters are manufactured out of durable CA-360 brass, providing outstanding corrosion resistance for a variety of applications.

quick disconnect couplings feature the latest design innovations to maximize both system uptime and ease of use across numerous industries. 

Fast Lube Oil Change System
rapidly evacuates and disposes waste engine oil and other hazardous fluids to accelerate system maintenance.
Metric Tube Fittings
Available globally in a variety of sizes and configurations, metric tube fittings deliver superior performance as well as lower assembly and operating costs. 

Thread less connectors 
Patented Eaton STC thread less connectors products are thread less connectors that keep equipment up and running longer with simple, leak-free connections. 

Steel Adapters
Precision machined carbon steel adapters are engineered to meet SAE and other industry standards, and are available in both SAE and metric sizes and configurations. 

Hydraulic Fuel Conveyance systems
Fuel Conveyance Systems offer a wide range of fluid delivery options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and Maintenance engineers. 

Hose Assemblie
Offering clients with wide range of fluid delivery options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers.

Hydraulic Conveyance
hoses, fittings, and support tooling offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers.

Quick Disconnect Couplings
Offering wide range of quick disconnect couplings, swivels, end fittings and check valves. 
Hydraulic Seals
Offering most diverse line of mechanical seals and sealing components, including pressure balanced face seals, circumferential segmented seals, brush seals and welded metal bellows seals. 
Tube Joining Systems
Offering customers with wide range of tube jointing system. 
Swivel Joints
swivel joints eliminate the need for adapters and tubing in tight spaces and excel where rotation and hose twisting present a problem. 
Eaton valves gives customers a competitive advantage in markets all over the world. Delivering unmatched quality across a wide range of options, our high-value valve products feature all the characteristics and performance levels of true industry leaders. 
Industrial Valves
industrial valves and systems are engineered to provide continuous reliable performance under the most rigorous and demanding operating conditions. Eaton industrial valves are at work all over the world delivering durable, reliable performance across the full spectrum of industrial applications.

Screw In Cartridge Valves
comprehensive range of Screw-in Cartridge Valves features the latest technology and leads the market in selection and quality. 
Mobile Valves
Designed by our global team of engineers, mobile valve are the reliable solution for mobile machinery in a broad range of industries.
Hydraulic oil filters / Lubrication Oil Filters
Fluid power is a reliable and repeatable form of power and motion control. When problems are encountered, 80% of the time they are related to inadequate contamination control and operate, and maintain filtration products as well as cleanliness practices designed to support reliable, high quality power, and motion control systems.
Lubrication Systems
full line of hydraulic & lubrication systems that optimize the reliability of machinery and increase the service life of system components. 
Lubrication Filters
full line of hydraulic filters, lubrication filter set standards in removing particulate and water contamination from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. 
Hydraulic Filter Accessories
Includes clogging indicators, heating & cooling systems, breathers, adaptors, evacuation and bleeder connections, hose lines, and suction strainers.

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