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Delton pneumatics Chennai- Tamilnadu - india based company suppliers , stockist for burkert valves . We supply & stock wide range of burkert products such as air compressor valves, Process and Control valves, Solenoid valves ,Singular valves, Miniature Solenoid Valve, Compact Solenoid Valve, NAMUR valves, pneumatic automation valves, compressors valves, Manifolds, On/Off control valves, Valve units, automation systems, Flow control valve, shut-off valves, Mass Flow Control valves, Mass flow Meter valves , Liquid Flow Control valves, Liquid Flow Meter valves, proportional valves, Diaphragm valves, Service units for compressed air, pneumatic cylinder, single acting pneumatic cylinders, double acting plastic cylinders, pneumatic cylinder accessories, cylinders fasteners, cylinders sensors, Pneumatics accessories, Fitting connectors in brass , nickel, stainless steel, Plastic tubes, sensors, flow sensors ,transmitters sensors, controllers sensors.

Burkert one of the world's leading companies for measurement and control technology, burkert products and systems cover the complete control loop and have a wide variety of applications, from breweries and laboratories to medical engineering space technology, flow, pressure or temperature, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers.

Process and Control valves
Electromotive or pneumatically driven Process Valves with bodies of stainless steel or plastic for various controlling tasks in fluids, gases or steam.
Solenoid valves
Solenoid valves used in fluid and gaseous media, aggressive or neutral, applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure.
Pneumatic automation
Varies from singular or aligned solenoid valves to field bus controlled decentralised I/O-Systems with electrical and pneumatic I/O systems.

Mass Flow Control valves /Mass flow Meter valves /Liquid Flow Control valves / Liquid Flow Meter valves / proportional valves
Massflow gas measurement is independant of temperature and pressure, thus controlling a process gas can be stable and reproduceable. Massflow controllers contain a PID-controller and can be driven through norm signal or field bus. Massflow meters are without actuators and are only for measuring massflow.

Control valve
Positioning valves can be combined with pneumatic, motorized, piezoelectric or solenoid actuators. The main differences between the various actuation principles are type of media separation, dynamic and force properties. Solenoid-operated positioning valves are known in practice as proportional valves and cover the nominal diameter range below 25 mm. Open and closed control loops can be developed using proportional valves. Open control loops control the valve without feedback signal, while closed control loops control the difference between the set-point and actual values. Switching solenoid valves, which are normally closed, form the basis for Bürkert proportional valves. Direct-acting proportional valves receive their feed below their seat, while servo-assisted models receive their feed above their seat.

Diaphragm valves
Diaphragm valves are not normally a major consideration, but RoboValves will change your mind. Designing your process with RoboValves will improve your performance in down-stream processes, such as filtration or chromatography and in many other situations where you are handling valuable products.
Apart from burkert valve products ,We are suppliers, dealers, stockist , distributors for world other leading brands of pneumatics ,hydraulics, automation , compressor & other industrial products . Check our brands page for further details.

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