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Delton pneumatics Chennai- Tamilnadu - india based company suppliers , stockist of Baumer Proucts . We supply & stock wide range Baumer sensors in Chennai.We are suppliers for wide range of baumer distance measurement sensor such as Inductive sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Capacitive sensors, Magnetic sensors, Precision mechanical switches, Linear encoders without bearings, Vision Sensors, Cable-pull assemblies, Rotary encoders, angle measurement encoders, Process Instrumentation products ,Level Measurement, Temperature measurement ,Pressure Measurement, Conductivity measurement, Force/strain sensors, Counters, Process Displays, Sensor accessories, Encoder accessories, Counter accessories, Bus system etc....

Inductive sensors
Inductive sensors measure the position changes of metal objects without contacting them. The ever increasingly optimized repeatability paired with the outstanding precision in measuring paths, angles, and positions when applied increase the productivity of every machine.Measurably better: Distance measurement up to 16 mm, resolution in nanometer range and dimensions from 4 to 30 mm.

Photoelectric distance measuring sensors
For accurate and reliable regulation of complex processes,Many applications need a lot more information than just whether an object is present. Our sensors can provide precise measurements at high cycle times even with difficult surfaces. So distances, widths, heights, positions and diameters of objects can be measured with the utmost precision and high resolution

Magnetic sensors robust and precise
Based on the Hall principle or magneto-resistive circuits, magnetic sensors have a detection speed of up to 20,000 measurements per second. Since they work on a contactless principle and do not contain any moving parts like ball bearings, for example, they are maintenance and wear free, easy to handle and install, and are completely unaffected by soiling. This makes them absolutely indispensable in many applications, guarantees long service times and allows them to be used reliably in rail applications or in commercial vehicles. Depending on the application, magnetic sensors offer a practical alternative to encoders or inductive sensors. Baumer offers you a comprehensive and modular portfolio of different technologies (Hall sensors, proximity switches, cylinder sensors) and designs, and thus the ideal solution for all applications.

Application areas:
Monitoring of rotational speed
Detection of final cylinder positions
Object detection
Indirect fill level detection

vision sensors for automation technology
Vision sensor are compact image processing system in the shape of a sensor. Typical applications among many others are packaging and quality inspection. As an inline solution, different product features can be easily verified directly after a manufacturing step so that defective parts can be sorted out immediately.
Flexibility and versatility of image based part verification is a must for many users today.These sensors are ideal component. As a complete image processing system, it includes all necessary hardware and software. It can be configured intuitively using a PC.

Application areas:
Presence check
Position detection
Size checking (angle, lengths, thicknesses, heights, inclination)
Edge detection
Item detection
Position detection and checking
Shape/size recognition
Reading text/codes (OCR/OCV)
Completeness checks
Pick & place
Applications Of Sensors :
Machine tool building
Semiconductor manufacturing
Packaging machines
Measuring/testing technology
Textile machines
Graphic machines
Commercial vehicles

Process Instrumentation devices
Temperature measurement devices
Electronic and mechanical temperature measurement devices for process temperatures from -200 to 1,820 °C.

Pressure Measurement devices
Pressure measurements are made to requirement as per customer demand. They pass through the controlled process and stringent quality control norms.
Conductivity measurement devices
Temperature adjusted and configurable conductivity measurements for optimum recognition of different fluids or mixed fluids.
Monitoring CIP and SIP processes
Monitoring salt concentration during cheese-making
Separating fluids

Electronic pressure measurement devices
electronic pressure transmitters and pressure switches prove their precision and reliability every single day in thousands of applications. Whether for high speed applications in plastic injection molding machines or in food processing production or for heavy-duty use in the petroleum industry. Our customers have already been relying on this for decades.
Pressure measuring
Level measuring
Measuring and monitoring
system or process pressure
Measuring and monitoring filling levels
Sensor accessories
Well connected with the right accessories. Connectors, connection cables and adapter we provides the appropriate accessories for your applications.

Counter accessories

Different front and adapter panels, flexible or lockable transparent covers and a wide selection of measuring wheels of meter and revolution counter.
Apart from baumer sensor products ,We are suppliers, dealers, stockist , distributors for world other leading brands of pneumatics ,hydraulics, automation , compressor & other industrial products . Check our brands page for further details.

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