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ASCO Solenoid Valves

Delton pneumatics Chennai-Tamilnadu-india based company asco valve supplier .we supply wide range of asco pneumatics solenoid valve , pressure switches, Pneumatic Actuators, Air Preparation unit, asco valve manifolds , Rod less Cylinders, Air Bellows, Fluid Control Valves Etc


ASCO S solenoid valves are designed for high flow, high Reliability air suspension systems. The unique design Provides high pressure control at minimal power Consumption. DIN connection reduces installation timeAnd decreases installation cost. Available in nickel Plated designs for maximum appeal.

ASCO Valve Manifolds are engineered to provide maximum Flexibility for your air system design. Single valves allow you To raise and lower your vehicle from one point. Dual control Manifolds allow for either front to rear or side to side control Of your suspension. Quad control manifolds provide you With the flexibility and speed to control each wheel Independently providing the ultimate in suspension control.

Asco Pressure switches

The ASCO Adjustable Range Pressure Switch line is designed For installation where input pressure parameters are adjusted For personalized control. The ASCO Fixed Range Pressure Switch line is designed for Systems with consistent input pressures. When mounted directly to your air tank, or in-linebetweenThe compressor and tank, the switches ensure reliable control of your ride height.

Asco pneumatic filters

Numatics Filters (water traps) are designed to provide your air Ride suspension system with top quality air. By removing water And particulate, air suspension systems perform more reliably And efficiently, and have longer life.

Asco Pneumatic Actuators

Select from the widest possible Range of cylinders, many designed to NFPA, ISO, and CNOMO standards.Robust and durable, they still fit design And maintenance budgets. From light-Weight bodies to large-diameter, heavy-duty Models, apply them to everything from Featuring location and assembly bolt checking To cutter actuation or tensioning and brake use On tire building machines.

Asco Numatics Air Preparation

Our filters and versatile Sentronic Proportional regulators offer high- Performance yet cost-effective treat-ment of air quality and pressure in the plant or on the tire line. You also get Unmatched flexibility, with very small to very large piping and port sizes, as well as the Industry’s broadest selection of micron ratings.

Asco Numatics Rod less Cylinders

Our guided and non guided rod less Cylinders furnish no-maintenance Convenience and heavy-duty construction for Demanding applications. Apply them every-Where from conveyors to lift assists to shuttles And sorters. Our high-force, small-footprint air Bellows deliver superior vibration damping for Injection moulding and more.

ASCO Fluid Control Valves

Our versatile, proven ASCO Red Hat solenoid valves are ideal For applications from steam handling On tire curing presses to fluid dispensingOr filling in trim chassis processes. One robust New piston operator valve specifically designed For demanding tire curing service offers a compact footprint; high performance; a long, Reliable life; and easy maintenance.

Numatics Vacuum Products

Choose from a broad selection of Vacuum generators with the Indus- Try’s lowest air consumption. Also,Arrays of suction cups, vacuum Switches and peripheral devices supply Superior performance for material handling.

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Numatics Motion Controls

Our wide range of ISO- and NFPA- Conforming actuators and linear Guided cylinders, slides, grippers, and multi-motion products suits your most Demanding designs. Bore size for bore size,Some of our products can carry the heaviest Loads in the industry. Our controller/motor/ Motion control systems put everything in one Convenient, reliable package..

Numatics Accessories

For efficient installation on automotive And tire equipment, our accessories Range from pilot-operated check Valves and tubing to flow controls to a wide Choice of mufflers. Our popular fittings provide One versatile thread design for multiple threads Types, cutting inventory and overhead.

Lighting machine

Various types of bulb, fluorescent lamp, and automobile bulb production lines in which a dominant worldwide technology is occupied by CKD. Remarkable development capability, such as high speed and horizontal direct type lamp production line and cold cathode fluorescent lamp production plant is possessed by CKD.


Packaging machines

CKD holds the top market position in the Japanese industry of pharmaceutical products packaging machines. Various state-of-the-art machines, which automate the packaging process of pharmaceutical products, are available in CKD's product line-up. As for the blister packaging that packs each tablet or pill into a pocket, varieties of machines are available for each application: high-speed machines packing 6,000 tablets or pills per minute, middle-speed machines appropriate for high-mix low-volume packaging and low-speed machines specialized for clinical research medicine. We have been engaged in the packaging machine business over 40 years. Recently, we developed the automatic in-line inspection system to guarantee the quality of our packaging work, and are given high marks for the quality control system among our customers.


Industrial machinery

We offer line-ups of automatic machinery that produces lithium-ion batteries used for portable phones, etc. with high speed and high accuracy, to a large number of domestic and foreign customers. Our lithium-ion batteries are produced with servo control technologies, which are our long-time achievement, and high-performance air functioning components, which are made with our own unique technologies. Cam technologies are also used to produce the batteries. The quality of these batteries is recognized as one of the finest in the industry. For the mounting process of printed boards for portable phones or on-vehicle parts, management of solder paste for its volume and height is particularly noticed. Our solder paste inspection machines achieve the highest accuracy and speed in the industry with our unique 3D inspection technologies.


Introduction to CKD Products

Since its founding, CKD has been a pioneer in automation. We have always been anticipating the changing times and adapting our various automatic machinery and automation products to meet the changing needs. Now we offer a vast number of products to users in every industry. By integrating our advanced technologies, we build exceptional know-how into the products we sell. CKD is not afraid of changing times.


Automatic Machinery

The cross-industrial product line-up of automation machine systems includes "lamp and bulb making machines" (inheriting CKD's founding tradition), "automatic packaging machines" (mainly for pharmaceuticals and foods), and "secondary battery making machines" and "solder paste inspection machines." By applying the technologies developed from these products and using an electronic eye, that measures and inspects by image processing and recognition," on quality improvement, CKD is pursuing the materialization of factory automation, such as unmanned processes.


Labor-saving components

Adding CKD's unique point of view created CKD's labor-saving components known as products tailored to needs of industry. CKD's theme for automation device development and manufacturing reflects the technological ability to a long time, perpetual consciousness of "being higher in precision, faster in operation and lower in cost. The product line up includes "Index Units," "Direct Drive Motors" and "Pick and Place Units" that can effectively pick up work pieces with the highest performance in terms of control, output, rigidity, speed and smoothness.

Pneumatic control components

Including Electro-pneumatic regulators and solenoid valves for open networks, CKD's pneumatic control components control the air flow in driving control valves and cylinders. CKD is developing automation systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs, while incorporating air pressure utilizing technology to promote the environmental protection and energy savings from a practical viewpoint. As a pioneer of the pneumatic technology, CKD will continue the development of the new products to exactly meet the market needs.

Pneumatic actuators

Due to its feature of easy, economical automation, CKD's drive components, such as pneumatic cylinders and electromotive actuators, are actively used in a wide range of industries as substitutions for human hands and feet. While developing automation systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs, CKD is incorporating air pressure utilizing technology to promote the environmental protection and energy savings from a practical viewpoint.

Pneumatic auxiliary components

There is an increasing strictness in the quality control of compressed air to meet various needs, such as high flow rate, high cleanliness, low noise and efficient energy savings. CKD is earnestly increasing and enriching the variety of peripheral system components and cultivating new needs by making the best of its rich achievements and knowledge related to the development and manufacture of clean air systems. These systems include "F.R.L. Units" and "Refrigerated Air Dryers, Zero Aqua G Series" with zero coefficient of ozone disruption, and pneumatic auxiliary components.

Fine system components

The high-tech industries of semiconductors and liquid crystals need control components that can be used in an ultraclean environment to provide the highest purity and highest precision to the uses of our products. These products range from the supply systems to exhaust systems for semiconductor related equipment, such as "Chemicals Control Components," "Process Gas Control Components" and "High Vacuum Control Components." We are continuously challenging ourselves to the difficulties of "ultra high level process control.

Fluid control components

It is the development of such units and systems that can control fluids, such as water, air, gas, steam and oil, and the efficient utilization of these fluids that forms the backbone of CKD's technological area. Its covering area is limitlessly expanding, encompassing not only various valves and unit system components but also environmental protection equipment, such as greenery water spray systems, dust collector control systems, gas combustion systems, various washing equipment and water treatment systems. Here, high quality and wide variation is the concept of CKD's fluid control components.

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