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Allied Connectors Dealer

Delton Pneumatics Chennai-Tamilnadu-india based company.we are allied connectors dealers in chennai. we stock wide range of Allied connectors.our range of product includes: Circular plastic connectors , Circular connectors, din connectors, mil connectors, rectangular connectors, multi pin connectors, military connectors, fullproof connectors , weather proof connectors, waterproof connectors, ip44 proof connectors, ip67 proof connectors ,herting connectors .we supply these connectors from 1 pin to 104 pin. we also supply these connectors as per your specification.

About Allied Electronics :

Allied Electronics Corporation has made a prominent presence in the Circular Connector Industry. They are one of the very few companies, known to have embraced a truly exclusive manufacturing process, owing to which they have consistently been able to live up to the demands of performance and quality. The range of products offered by Allied Electronics Corporation, therefore, is utilized in a number of challenging applications including Defense, Process Control Electronics and Machine Tools both in the national and international markets.

Delton Pneumatics stands as one of the prominent suppliers of Allied Connectors, trusted primarily for its infallible commitment quality, performance and customer satisfaction. The threaded circular coupling connectors from the house of Allied Electronics Corporation lead our product portfolio. They are engineered to deliver optimal performance in extreme conditions including resistance to major vibrations and shock.

Apart from that there is a wide array of more than 100 insert arrangements available to be explored for an equally diverse range of applications. Also there are 13 different shell sizes available for signal, power, as well as for the blend of signal pin and power configurations.

The range of connectors offered by the company is duly approved for quality by LCSO (Electronic Components Standardisation Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India). The copper base alloy silver plated MS Range Pins can be accessed in a wide array of current ratings starting from 10 to 150 amps.

The MG range consists of the circular bayonet coupling connectors fabricated to deliver high performance under extreme conditions. Superior quality polychloroprene is employed to manufacture the grommets, insulators and O rings--- it renders them capable of enduring temperatures as high as 125° C and as low as -55° C.

The Metric Series of Connectors is engineered and approved of JSS-50860 Specification by none other than LCSO.

The D38999 Series III connectors, used in Marine & Offshore, Aeronautics and Military and Industrial sectors are available with features such as:


Delton Pneumatics is absolutely delighted to be able to bring forth the versatile and trustworthy range of allied connectors at market competitive prices for its esteemed clients. If you are in need of top grade connectors to scale the challenging demands of the industry, do contact us. Spell out your needs and budget first and we will be more than happy to help you get the best range of allied products at the most competitive rates! We are a trusted supplier and have been helping several businesses all throughout the subcontinents. So reach us at any time and see for yourself what we have in store for you. Be rest assured about the quality and price. Being in business for more than a decade now we understand the changing needs of different industries and thus we are committed to match the right product for your business needs.


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